How to Stop Cats from Spraying Inside the House

Cats spraying inside the house may have many causes. But, being the owner of the house, it is your duty to find out how to stop cats from spraying inside the house. One of the main reasons why cats spray is fear. For example, if someone new comes to your house, one of your cats may get afraid and spray inside the house itself. It is especially true if the cat is young. Not just humans, if you bring a new cat to the house, even then one of your cats may spray inside the house. Not just cats, bringing other animals such as dogs may also trigger the fear factor of your cats and cause them to spray urine. Of course, when you bring a new cat, apart from fear, there are also chances of the territorial instincts which may cause your cats to spray inside the house.

Punishing your cats may also cause them to spray inside the house. If you have the habit of reprimanding your cats for any bad behavior, then you need to stop it immediately. Cats don’t respond positively to reprimand. They are not like humans. When you punish them or if you inculcate that fear inside them, it would cause them to spray more often inside the house. Cats tend to spray when they sense trouble.

This problem of frequent spraying inside the house happens if you have more male cats in the house. Actually, this is a trait of male cats. It is rarely seen among female cats.

Cats spraying inside the house may be either voluntary or involuntary. If it is voluntary, then it means that some psychological problem is affecting your cats. If it is involuntary, then some medical problem may be troubling the cats. In either case, consulting a veterinary doctor would be a good option. Medical problems would most certainly be solved by the vet.


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