Advocate in HSR Layout

Leelaraju, Advocate in HSR Layout, Bangalore

No. 1668/A, Basement, 14th Main Road, 7th Sector, G.V. Complex, Sector 7, H.S.R. Layout, Bangalore – 560102

Landmark: NEAR H.S.R. Layout BDA Complex

Ph: +(91)-9986755031, +(91)-9035797090


I am Leelaraju, an experienced advocate in HSR Layout, Bengaluru. I own a law firm called Supreme Law Associates which you can find in the above address. We offer a variety of legal services which include arbitration, bail, anticipatory bail, copyright, civil cases, divorce cases and so on. We are well known for the quality of our services provided in a timely manner. We would make sure that your needs are addressed with a lot of care and would make sure that you are satisfied by our services.

If you give us an opportunity to help you, I would personally see to it that you would be served in the best possible manner using all of my experience as a senior advocate based in HSR Layout, Bangalore.


Shopping for Cheap Party Supplies Online is a Boon for Handicapped People

If you are handicapped in any way and if you like going outdoors to shop for cheap party supplies, then it can cause you some of the worst feelings in the world. Most handicapped women feel this way since women simply love shopping. Especially if those women love hosting parties, then it would be a hassle shopping for parties since they are handicapped. Thankfully, there is a good alternative these days in the form of online shopping. One should thank technology for this. Of course, there are many traditional people who still feel that the conventional way of going outdoors for shopping is the best. But, that is just their psychological inclination talking. Shopping for cheap party supplies online has way more benefits than shopping for them in the local shopping malls or stores.

Shopping for cheap party supplies online is a real boon for handicapped people because it would save them a lot of physical stress and strain. Studies have shown that physical strain and mental stress are closely related. Hence, if online shopping can save those handicapped people from physical stress, then it can surely save them from any possible mental stress too as online shopping is extremely convenient in many ways. The psychological inclination to go out to shop for cheap party supplies would slowly fade away once they get used to the online shopping process. Once they start feeling the benefits of shopping for cheap party supplies online, they may even start to hate offline shopping. This new way of shopping is particularly useful for handicapped people living in rural areas who don’t have any good stores or malls nearby from where they can get good party supplies. If there are some stores, they may not have a good collection of products.

How to Use Paper Doilies and Placemats to Make Flower Vases and Other Crafts


Embellish an old vase with placemats and drop in them a bouquet of your favorite flowers, or use as in – service container .


Equipment Needed:

– Newspaper to cover work surface

– Cylindrical glass vase

– Scissors (optional)

Paper doilies

– Glue for decoupage

– Foam brush




   – Before you begin, check if the placemat is covering the vase and if not, cut as needed.

   – Carefully apply glue to the back of a cutting mat paper, taking care not to tear the delicate lace.

   – Place the mat on the vessel to the desired position.

   – Gently apply glue to the cutting mat with the brush, then let dry.


Tip: Add other objects to your design , such as buttons, ribbons and rhinestones to suit your tastes and your personal style.


7 other crafts with paper doilies


   Starched cart : Create delicate baskets superimposing crocheted doilies on an upturned bowl and applying starch. Let them dry, then carefully remove the bowl. You can also use the same technique with a vase !

   Stencil Tote : Give a romantic tote charm, a reusable grocery bag and virtually any surface. Place a paper doily , then gently apply the paint tissues using a sponge , trying not to move the object. Remove the doily and let the paint dry .

   Dreamcatcher : Stretch a doily crocheted in a large embroidery hoop to create a romantic dream catcher .    Garland : Cut paper doilies in half and attach them to a grosgrain ribbon to quickly create a beautiful garland.

   Shade: Revive an old lampshade decorating with paper doilies , or stretching crocheted doilies around the frame and securing with string that fits in the lampshade.

   Cones : What could be more charming than serving treats in a paper cone ? Cut a large doily in half and form a cone. Then attach it using a piece of washi tape decorative.

   Runner : Sew crocheted doilies matching together with a needle and thread to create a beautiful table runner.


Tip: Get paper doilies, paper placemats and other party accessories for your craft store . Find crocheted doilies in craft shops or more retro versions in thrift stores.

Aeropostale T-Shirt for Men

Aeropostale is an American retail brand mainly into selling apparel. It sells t-shirts shirts, hoodies for men and women. But, Aeropostale is particularly preferred a lot by men as the designs of t-shirts and shirts sold by them suit them more. An Aeropostale t-shirt for men usually sells like hot cakes. Aero t-shirts make them look very trendy and hippy with a classy touch. Men wearing them would feel a sort of self assurance.

Aeropostale t-shirt for men would also instil a sense of pride within those wearing them due to the quality of the shirts, their stylish looks and also the popularity of the brand name and value of Aeropostale. Others seeing men wearing Aero t-shirts would also feel envious of them. They add a feel good factor to those wearing them.

Aeropostale t-shirt is preferred more by young men more than middle aged or old men. They fit young men better than old ones. They give a sort of ‘ruling the world’ feel to young men. It is not just girls who are conscious of their looks. Even guys too are conscious particularly the young ones. Men like to show-off when women are around and Aeropostale t-shirts are perfectly suited for this. They have an elegant yet savvy look and feel.

If you want to buy Aeropostale t-shirt for men online, browse through sites ebay, storenvy etc.

Polka Dot Tablecloth for Parties

The different varieties of polka dot tablecloth available from factorydirectparty sets the right mood for any party or event. You get Micro-coated tablecloths from Factorydirectparty. They are made of 50% polyester and 50% plastic with acrylic coating that produce a repellent effect and have the properties of a textile. Each polka dot tablecloth is also given Teflon treatment.

Polka dot tablecloths from FDP are available in oval and round shapes. They are also available in square and rectangular finishes. You also get a set of 3 matching napkins along with each polka dot tablecloth.

The polka dot tablecloths invade the house and bring good mood with solid colors and tone. This range of tablecloths are well-embellished while protecting the table. Its micro-coating makes for a new generation oilcloth!

The blunders in the polka dot tablecloth are hidden in a sponge through its micro-acrylic coating. While making it water repellent, the sheet offers exceptional textile touch. You just need a sponge to clean :the tablecloth, it can be wiped quickly, stains do not penetrate to the core of the material. And to reactivate the properties of the coating, a soft iron is ideal.

The color of the tablecloth is true to what you see in the online catalog. The polka dot tablecloth is available in beautiful colors, well finished and it makes a pretty table.

Elegant Plastic Dinnerware Solves A Lot Of Problems

We all know that the primary aim of a tablecloth is to protect the table from staining, especially during parties and when the table is constantly used by kids. But then the conflict comes when you don’t know which material to go for – it could be synthetic, cotton cloth or plastic. There are hundreds of new varieties coming up in the elegant plastic dinnerware category that you will be spoilt for options. We had just moved into our new apartment and so I was getting new things for the rooms. We were on a budget because the cost for the apartment dwindled our savings to a few hundred dollars. We were practically living from paycheck to paycheck in those days and money was scarce. But we still had to buy a few essentials for the home.

We had an old table, which was our family heirloom in the dining room. It was a bit scratched from almost constant use, I couldn’t afford to turn it in for polishing just then and didn’t want to buy another table because of space constraints. I had put on a transparent tablecloth, but it still made our table look ugly. That was when my friend came in for a visit and she suggested this online store were you get lots of different varieties of party tableware.  I immediately got online and was amazed to see several options for elegant plastic dinnerware.  The designs were amazing and they were offered at good rates. I contacted the store and they agreed to ship my purchase the very next day. I got some extra tablecloths to use as window curtains. Of course, they were of different designs and the kids’ room had kiddie designs in them. The shipment arrived within 7 days, just like they promised and my order was neatly packed. I immediately fitted the curtains and they looked so lovely in our bedrooms. The colors were exactly as they specified in the pictures and the quality was amazing. It has been 8 months now and they still look as good as new. They are the best option if you are on budget while making the curtains in your house.

When we ordered elegant plastic dinnerware, we ordered two sets for the table – a simple one for ordinary use; the other one was a bit flashy, so we could use it when we have guests (or even parties). We also bought paper napkins, plates, glasses, and a cutlery set that matched the elegant plastic dinnerware perfectly. It was amazing.

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Do you want to purchase cheap Minnie mouse party supplies? Then you got to look for wholesale party suppliers in your locality. Are there no such party suppliers in your locality? You need not worry since there are a good number of wholesale party suppliers online. A good one to recommend based in USA is which sells Minnie Mouse party supplies. Not just Minnie Mouse supplies, It sells a wide range of theme party supplies and other party items and favors for cheap wholesale rates which you cannot get anywhere else.